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Do We Really Need Three Meals Per Day?

June 22, 2016 PowerTea Management

Getting through the day can be hard enough even without having to plan three meals for ourselves. So why do we eat three meals a day anyways? For some, three whole meals is a hassle (who really needs breakfast?); for others who prefer to graze all day; three meals just isn’t enough time to eat. The truth is, there’s nothing but convention that tells you that breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the essential meals of the day.  To look at why most of us now eat three meals a day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—we don’t need to talk to a nutritionist, but...

Why You Might Want to Hold Your Breath When Passing a Smoker.

June 09, 2016 PowerTea Management

Even if you are all for a healthy lifestyle (which is probably why you're reading our articles in the first place), we often run into others smoking, and that means unavoidable secondhand smoke. But if you’re near a cloud of secondhand smoke, the smoke given off from cigarettes, and the exhalations of cigarette smokers; how does it affect you and your health? PowerTea is STRONGLY against smoking and heres why: Cardiovascular It turns out that there are both long- and short-term negative effects of breathing in secondhand cigarette smoke. In the short term, studies have found that when exposed to secondhand...

Can You Build Muscle from Walking?

June 03, 2016 PowerTea Management

You’d rather be building a six-pack than drinking one, but you can’t seem to muster the energy to do more than lift your hand from the pack of chips to your mouth after a long day’s work. You need to exercise, but it feels like if you’re not pushing your body hard, then there’s no point. That kind of all-or-none thinking is a mistake. You don’t need to try and become a professional bodybuilder to build muscle. In fact, something as gentle and simple as walking can certainly build healthy muscle (I’d also like to mention that it’s free!).  Will you...

3 Foods that You Should Eat Frequently

May 28, 2016 PowerTea Management

New “super foods” are popping up all the time, and it’s hard to keep track of which foods would make great additions to your diet and which foods are simply just a trend. Rest assured knowing these three foods make great staples to a healthy diet—and are here to stay.     Quinoa  Yes, quinoa has been a craze for years now, but in case you haven’t jumped on the pseudo-cereal’s bandwagon just yet, consider quinoa for your next meal. The grain is packed with amino acids, making it a great source of protein. Unlike many grains, which are usually...

Does Cholesterol From Food REALLY Effect You That Much?

May 22, 2016 PowerTea Management

First, we were taught this: cholesterol is bad, and we want less of it in our hearts and blood vessels. Thus, we’ve been told, we should avoid cholesterol in food, also known as dietary cholesterol.  But was all of that true? Not exactly. While the longstanding belief was that dietary cholesterol—which comes from meat and animal byproducts—influenced the cholesterol in our blood, research in recent years has revealed that the relationship between dietary and blood cholesterol is significantly less important than we once believed.  Now we know there are two types of cholesterol: the bad kind that builds up low-density...

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