How and Why You Should Boost Your Metabolism

April 05, 2016 PowerTea Management

Calculating Your Metabolism
We can describe it as the chemical reactions and processes taking place inside of every organism, which more often than not keep everything alive and moving. When talking about metabolism we're usually referring to the digestive system - and by that the speed at which food is digested, nutrients are absorbed and the calories burned in the process. We all know that more calories burned equals more fat lost.

Here are several ways you can boost your metabolism:


Doing Push Ups Speeds up Metabolism


It can be something as simple as jogging or taking a long walk, the most important step in boosting your metabolism is getting a good workout. Whatever exercise it takes you to feel like you have actually 'done some exercise'; from feeling tired or breathing a little harder to feeling a sudden energy and alertness boost.
These are usually tell tale signs that you have gotten a decent, metabolism revving chunk of exercise down pat.
Everyone has their level, your job is to find that level and work on it.
 Fish Boosts Metabolism

Eat more fish

Getting enough omega 3 fatty acids makes you burn unhealthy fat faster. 
These fatty acids improve the tissues that play a part in the development of obesity such as muscle and brown fat. Both of which have a say in how fast or slow your metabolism is. This fish oil is a good example of what you should look for if you don't eat as much fish as you should.
High Calorie Junk Food Makes You Fat 

Eat less junk food

If you're a fan of drinking sweetened liquids (including fruit juice), cut them out from your diet. Same goes for fast food of most types, these foods provide empty calories which only fill you up momentarily due to their usually high glycemic index.
If you are going to consume some sort of snack between meals; opt for puffed and/or high fibre foods such as popcorn with minimal salt, puffed brown or black rice.
These foods, ignoring the black rice, provide a small amount of nutrients and a ton of fibre which can help contribute to your daily nutrition goals.
Go one step further and try some dried veggies!
I use this chip maker that I found on eBay, all you do is slice your veggies as thin as you can, place them into the tray, pop them into the microwave and cook until hard to the touch. Usually they are crispy by about 10 minutes.
Sweet potato and kale with a little salt and pepper works like a dream!
You could also try sushi seaweed from the Asian aisle of your supermarket; they melt in your mouth and are packed full of complete protein, omega 3, and a big bunch of vitamins and minerals. Being a sea veggie they are naturally salted.
  Fibre found in oats and fruit can boost metabolism

 Eat more fibre

Continuing from before, fibre can't be digested by your body, but do you think that stops your body from trying extra hard to do so? No siree! 
When you eat high fibre foods, your body tries to digest the fibre contained within these foods. Your digestive system tries to break down the fibre for a much longer period than it would regular digestible foods and this is why fibre keeps you feeling fuller for longer and makes you burn more calories. This leads to more fat loss.
You can get a lot of this crucial carbohydrate along with countless vitamins and minerals from vegetables too, so no skipping them. 
Both soluble and insoluble fibre play a part in boosting your metabolism and helping you lose weight.
White Tea benefits your metabolism

Drink white tea

While green tea is living the high life at the moment as swarms of people craze over extracts and potions, its literally younger brother; white tea is slowly but surely gracing us with its presence as a potent dethroner of green tea.
Because white tea is only minimally steamed and then sun dried to prevent fermentation, it retains a lot more antioxidants than green tea. The most important antioxidant group white tea is packed with are catechins. These super compounds; apart from keeping dangerous inflammation at bay also contribute to an increased metabolism and therefore fat loss.
You can go one step further and try our PowerTea if you really want to see the effects of catechins and about 30 more benefits.
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