What are the 3 Unhealthiest Junk Foods on Earth?

April 26, 2016 Chris Green

What is the Unhealthiest Junk Food
These days, everyone is trying to lead a healthier life. The recent influx of chronic health conditions as a result of the obesity and (lesser known) inflammation epidemic that we are currently facing is ultimately to blame. We all know that certain foods, however tastebud pleasing they may be can be bad for our health. What a lot of us don’t realise is just HOW bad these foods can be. These are just some of the bad guys whom you should probably look out for.
Soft Drink is Bad for Your Health

Soft Drink

One of the absolute worst things that you can put in your body is soft drink. Drinking soft drink may not seem like such a big deal, but all of those empty calories definitely add up. Just a single serving of the fizzy stuff could be around 150 calories thanks to the large amount of sugar in it, and that serving size is a lot less than you think it is. The calories are not the only thing that you need to worry about when it comes to soft drink. It has also been linked to increasing the risk of some types of cancer, hormone disruption, bone breaks and could cause premature ageing. You may think that diet soda will help you but studies have found that artificial sweeteners are also pretty bad for you. 
It is really best to avoid anything sweetened with yucky crystals (sugar and fake sugar) and just stick to water. If you must drink something sweet try out our stevia leaf sweetened PowerTea. Studies show that ingredients in our tea actually prevent the negative effects caused from soft drink consumption listed above.
Popcorn Kills


Another pretty disastrous thing that people commonly eat is microwave popcorn. The words “Popcorn Lung” alone should be enough to at least make you stop and think about what you're putting in that mouth of yours. This actual disease is also known as Constrictive Bronchiolitis and developed its second name simply because of how many cases there were of people who were around microwave popcorn contracting this condition. As the name implies, “Constrictive” Bronchiolitis involves the small airway branches from your lungs becoming inflamed and as a result narrowing. One of the key chemicals responsible for this disease is called 'Diacetyl'. This chemical can also be linked to some natural wines, beers, and roasted coffee beans
If you must eat popcorn as a snack, we would recommend only eating fresh popped popcorn that you pop yourself. For flavouring, use salted or salt free grass-fed butter or ghee ( Most butter at Coles and Woolies is grass-fed) and instead of salt, try using herbs like basil, cumin, or paprika. Buying unpopped kernels can cost next to nothing too. Have a look here.
Anything Fried is Bad for Your Health

Fried Favourites

The final concern is really anything that is fried. Just think about the obsession these days with deep-frying everything. Anything that is deep-fried is really just offering you a lot of empty calories without providing any nutrition. The unhealthy trans and rancid fat content alone should scare you away from this, but that is apparently not enough as people are now deep-frying already terrible for you foods like candy bars.
Opt for baked goods and if frying at home, use an organic coconut oil or ghee.


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