Welcome To Powertea Australia

Here you will find an ever growing array of FULLY ORGANIC products that are very different to everything else out there.
All of our ingredients used are certified organic and we pack and prepare everything in Melbourne Australia.
As a sign of gratitude at the end of each month, PowerTea Australia donates a portion of proceeds to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.
We have chosen to support this charity because they adhere to a plethora of cancer's and are somewhat related to a number of our products.
While some foundations choose to research breast, lung, or skin cancer for example; the ACRF fights against all forms of cancer including rarities such as Mesothelioma which occurs in the thin linings of the body's internal organs.
So from the above you can see that we already set ourselves apart from everyone else.
 We initially offer up to you; the good people of the public, a satisfyingly sweet and light beverage called PowerTea, or PowerTea One.
You can also see all of our ingredients and their PROVEN benefits here.
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