Welcome To Powertea Australia

Here you will find an ever growing array of FULLY ORGANIC products that are specially formulated by our tea masters to fill your inner cup on a daily basis.
All of our ingredients used are certified organic and we pack and prepare everything on the North Coast of NSW, Australia.
 We initially offer up to you; A satisfyingly sweet and light beverage called PowerTea, or PowerTea One.
You can see all of our ingredients and their PROVEN benefits here.
Along with nourishing your body... 
We largely believe in the benefits of clean water.
Your purchase will save lives....!!!!!
Currently nearly 1 billion people are without access to sufficient drinking water and one in three people on earth do not have access to clean bathing water and cannot effectively wash away dirt.
At Extreme Water Filters they believe everyone should have access to clean water for drinking and bathing. That is why we’ve partnered with them by also 
 donating 10% of the total sales of power tea to The Bathe the World Foundation.... 
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