How Potent are Our Ingredients?

I'm sure that by now, after checking out our PowerTea product page, you are intrigued to find out about 'the good stuff' thats sits inside its packaging.

Well you've come to the right place!

Now we know its a lot to take in, there are a lot of benefits after all!

So What’s In The Bag?

Our special product is made up of an uber cool blend of 12 ancient herbs each known for having some unique and pretty awesome benefits.




The first herb you can find in PowerTea; CHAMOMILE, has been used for centuries during the Egyptian rule, Roman times, and ancient Greece. As any health nut would know, flavonoids pack some serious firepower in the health ring and these little flowers are full of them! 

This Power Flower has shown promising results in:

  • Helping to stop cancer: Chamomile contains a powerful chemical called apigenin which has been shown to stop the spread of cancer.
  • Promoting sleep: This special tea calms the nervous system helping you sleep better. It has been used to treat sleeplessness throughout history.
  • Speeding up the skins repair process: The anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant effects of drinking chamomile tea have been shown to speed up the healing and repair of skin whether applied topically or internally.
  • Protecting against bacterial illness and infection: The natural antibacterial chemicals present in chamomile tea can help to prevent and treat colds whilst at the same time protecting against bacterial illness and infection.
  • Calming muscle spasms and cramps: Chamomile tea is an excellent natural muscle relaxant, including proteins that can help to control muscle spasms and reduce cramps.


Fo-Ti root Benefits

2. ORGANIC FO-TI ROOT (black bean prepared)

Next is the ancient Chinese herb known as FO-TI ROOT or He-Shou-Wu which actually means 'black-haired Mr. He' in Chinese. The meaning refers to a legend involving the magnificent elder; 'Mr. He' who consumed fo-ti and was able to restore his youthful appearance, vitality, and most notably; his black hair.

This Rugged Root has shown promising results in:

  •  Supporting Kidney Health: Fo-Ti contains a powerful compound called 'chrysophanol' which has been proven to strengthen and purify the Kidneys. This helps your kidneys to work more effectively in filtering out the excess sodium, phosphate, and other electrolytes. A stronger set of kidneys means that your body expels excess waste and fluid a lot faster. To put this into perspective, think of your body as a department store and you are in a big long queue at the registers. If there is only one staff member at the register then the line will keep growing and the staff member won't have time to do anything else in the store. If there are multiple staff members at the registers; the line will recede faster than it can grow; leaving a few staff members free to go about making the department store a lot more appealing on the inside and out. This closely resembles how your kidneys operate.
  • Promoting the Regrowth of Thinning Hair: Fo-Ti increases blood circulation to the hair follicles; thus resulting in more nutrients being carried up into your hair. This nourishes all of your hair follicles which encourages regrowth of your hair.
  • Keeping your Liver in tune and assisting in the Reversal of Grey Hair: Because Fo-Ti increases nutrient absorption and blood flow to the hair, its no wonder that it can also work tricks on your grey hair. Fo-Ti protects your liver and makes it more efficient at doing its primary job of filtering out all of the excess chemicals in your body. Once your liver is better able to handle these hormones, toxins, and fats; your hormonal balance will improve. The toxins will be removed from your body faster; which means that your liver has more capacity to deal with the secondary jobs such as keeping your hair healthy, rather than dealing with toxic build up.
  • Boosting Fertility: Fo-Ti has been shown to hinder the activity of a chemical in your body called MAO-B or monoamine oxidase B. The main benefit from inhibiting the activity of this chemical comes in the form of well maintained Dopamine production in your body. Dopamine is a naturally occurring compound present in the body as a neuronic transmitter with direct links to other substances including Adrenaline. As we age, our bodies produce less and less Dopamine and this is believed to be a contributor to age related 'issues'. Dopamine is crucial for growth hormone release, reproductive vigour, and coordination.
  • Increasing SOD Levels in Your Body: Fo-Ti root has additionally shown potential to increase the body’s production of Superoxide Dismutase or SODSuperoxide dismutase is a critical antioxidant (more powerful than the often touted; Resveratrol) enzyme that your body makes as a defense against superoxide; one of the most dangerous free radicals that can form in your body. Superoxide is a type of 'Oxygen Radical' and if left free to roam in your body can cause damage to various tissues and even DNA. Whilst SOD levels remain steady in your youth, as you age your natural production levels decline resulting in a higher potential for DNA and organ related diseases. Fo-Ti is a natural source of Anti-Ageing Superoxide Dismutase which can contribute to a longer, healthier life.


Stevia is the sweet truth


So that was a very scientifically deep explanation of the benefits of Fo-Ti Root folks, now onto something a little sweeter; Stevia Leaf.

Stevia Is native to South America and graces this planet in a green, leafy form. It has been used as a medicine for a long long time. Of recent however, the plant is mostly majorly grown for its strong, sweet flavour. You probably see a lot of products out and about in the shops these days that claim to be 'naturally sweetened with stevia' however these products don't have all of the the benefits that Powertea gains from using Whole Crushed Organic Stevia Leaf.

Stevia Leaf has shown Promising Results in:

  • Lowering your Blood Pressure: One of the major sweet components of the Stevia Leaf; Stevioside has been shown to reduce your Blood Pressure levels to a sensible number. High blood pressure makes your heart work harder than necessary. Think of how easy it is when you first start to blow up a balloon but once the balloon starts to expand, the pressure builds and it puts more strain on your breathing. This is just how your heart works too; more pressure equals a heavier load. As the heart works harder and harder, it gets weaker and weaker; meaning that oxygenated blood cannot travel to your vital organs as efficiently and your risk for stroke, heart attack, and heart failure increases.
  • Helping to Fight Diabetes and Lower your Blood Sugar: Traits of Type 2 Diabetes come in the form of elevated blood sugar and being unable to produce Insulin or having strong resistance to the hormone. Once again, Stevioside comes to the rescue! This compound has been shown to significantly lower your body's Blood Sugar Levels; thus resulting in a lower chance of suffering from Diabetes.
  • Contributing to Lower Oxidised LDL Cholesterol Levels: Studies have shown that due to the potent antioxidants found in stevia; it has the ability to decrease the oxidised low-density lipoprotein (LDL or Bad Cholesterol) levels in blood.


Peppermint is delicious


Next up is the very famous herb that I'm sure you have heard of; Peppermint. This herb was prized back in the day of the ancient Greeks and Romans and was used to decorate their dinner tables and flavour their wines and dressings. Today its a common ingredient in anything from dental products to skin care and everything in between. We chose Peppermint to make up a large percentage of our PowerTea not only due to its very attractive flavour and famous scent profile, but because it also carries some very potent benefits.

Peppermint has shown Promising Results in:

  • Defending against Harmful Organisms in and on Your body: Peppermint has been shown to kill harmful organisms both externally and internally. Simply put, compounds in Peppermint (Ketones, Phenols, and Oxides) kill the nasty little monsters that shouldn't be in your body.
  • Helping to improve Your Liver Function and Digestion: Peppermint has been shown to increase bile secretion. Increased bile secretion improves digestion and the livers ability to process fats and cholesterol; when the liver runs more efficiently, it is able to perform less important roles like maintaining your hair colour and helping to slow the general signs of ageing.
  • Preventing Oxidative Stress in Your Body: Peppermint leaf is abundant in water soluble polyphenolic compounds which show very powerful antioxidant activity. Peppermint tea has been shown to have a higher antioxidant content than a lot of other popular teas. We all know the damaging effects of free radicals on our body, and todays lifestyle increases free radical potential. So it is vitally important that you are putting sufficient amounts of the various antioxidants into your body each day. Peppermint has even shown promise in fighting certain types of Cancer cells.
  • Protecting healthy tissue against radiation: Radiation therapy is one of the many methods used on Cancer patients in the hope that it will prevent cancer from returning to the patient and eliminate any present tumours. Animal studies have shown that Peppermint can protect the radiosensitive organs when exposed to radiation.
  • Relieving Stomach Issues: Two powerful ingredients found in peppermint; Methyl Salicylate and Menthol have relaxing properties shown to help keep indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and related pains at bay.
  • Boosting your Immune System: Because peppermint is pretty high in Calcium, Potassium, and Vitamins C and B; its no wonder that this herb can boost your immune system. 
  • Improving Physical Performance: If you thought peppermint couldn't get any better, you will be gobsmacked to know that this amazing herb has been proven to improve your physical performance 'substantially'. Peppermint was shown to improve your strength, leap, breathing efficiency, blood pressure, heart rate, and general physical efficiency. It also lowered resting blood pressure and heart rate. But thats not all, total work performed by the people being tested increased by a massive 51%, with increase in the time to exhaustion of about 25% tooBeing one of the key ingredients in PowerTea; you are bound to notice an improvement while exercising.


Ceylon Cinnamon is the best cinnamon


From one amazing herb to another; cinnamon. Once again, this herb dates back to the Ancient times of the Egyptian Pharos rule, another luxurious spice often gifted up to the royals. PowerTea contains the variety known as Ceylon Cinnamon; the one that you should be using and the one also known as True Cinnamon. This is the variety that holds some truly powerful benefits for you and your body as you will find below.

Cinnamon has shown Promising Results in:

  • Being a very powerful preventer of oxidative stress in your body: Cinnamon has been shown to outrank fellow super foods including Oregano and Cloves (garlic) in Antioxidants and has come out on top of 26 spices in terms of its anti-oxidative powers.
  • Having powerful anti-inflammatory properties: The Cinnamon found in PowerTea plays home to some seriously powerful anti-inflammatory abilities. Anti-inflammatories can help with a range of things from pimples to arthritis and even some diseases such as cancer, appendicitis, and heart disease.
  • Significantly cutting the risk of Heart Disease: Cinnamon reduces LDL (BAD) cholesterol, total cholesterol, and blood triglycerides. In other studies it has been shown to significantly raise the HDL (GOOD) cholesterol and lower blood pressure too! Heart disease is the most common cause of early death in the world so it is vitally important that you make an effort to keep your ticker happy.
  • Increasing Insulin Sensitivity: The word 'insulin' pops up more and more these days due to todays perceivably 'healthy' grain consumption. You see with the growing population, the 'food makers' of our planet are now turning to grains more than ever due to their long shelf life, high yield, and their ease and variety of use. The problem with so many grains in our diets today is that they carry with them a lot of empty carbohydrates that once in your body, are converted into glucose. When you have too much glucose in your cells; Insulin converts this excess into fat. Continuously high glucose levels in your blood can overload your cells resulting in Insulin resistance. To attempt to combat this issue; your pancreas excretes additional Insulin, but because your cells are already resistant to the hormone, your Insulin levels rise past a safe level resulting in Diabetes, High Blood Sugar, and an ever-growing disease called 'Metabolic Syndrome'. The cinnamon found in PowerTea considerably improves all markers of insulin resistance and can also treat and prevent metabolic syndrome
  • Helping to treat and prevent Brain Disorders: Cinnamon compounds; cinnamaldehyde and epicatechin have been shown to prevent the buildup of an Alzheimers Disease marker called 'Tau' in the brain. 
  • Fighting Infections in your body: The compound in cinnamon behind its strong aroma; Cinnamaldehyde, which is found in both the bark and oil of cinnamon has been shown to have some pretty powerful germ killing abilities. Cinnamon bark oil (which is contained within the cinnamon in PowerTea) is quite a potent fungal infection killer. The compound is also as effective at killing bacteria such as Salmonella, E.coli, and Listeria in your body.


Raspberry Leaf is incredibly healthy


Number six on the list is raspberry leaf. These days, its hard to find something that can't be had in raspberry flavour. The word; 'raspberry' tends to pop up everywhere now. Raspberries have been around for quite a while and started out as wild raspberries before being originally cultivated around 2000 years ago! This makes them one of the first ever berry crops.

A member of the rose family; raspberries are cousins of a few other nutritional powerhouses in strawberries, apples, and even almonds!. Its clear here that the superfood status runs deep in the family. 

What you may not know is that the 'greens' of a plant can very often be even more nutritious than the fruit its connected to!

Raspberry Leaf has shown promising results in:

  • Having the ability to help prevent ageing, new cancer growth, heart disease and dementia in your body: Raspberry leaves increase the levels of glutathione ("gloota-thigh-own") in your cells. Glutathione is yet another member of the royal antioxidant family and it could just about be called KING. Whilst our body produces it's own supply of this amazing coenzyme; today's lifestyle can significantly reduce your levels which is a big red alert if you care about your health, which I'm sure you do! This molecule has the uncanny ability to recycle antioxidants meaning that once it has done its job in absorbing toxins from your body and passing them out, it regenerates to form a new Glutathione enzyme ready for the next batch of toxins to enter your body. It slows ageinghelps to prevent heart attack, and fights oxidative stress too!
  • Minimising negative effects of taking paracetamol: A popular medication for treating pain and fever; paracetamol (acetaminophen) is usually available over the counter without a prescription and carries some serious side effects which include fatal liver damage. This deadly side effect is caused from overdose, which happens all too often. Under normal intake, your liver; which processes most of this drug breaks it down and passes its byproducts with ease. If you take even a tiny amount over whats recommended, you can risk an overload on your liver.  When this happens, excess paracetamol can buildup inside your liver causing the overflow (cytochrome P-450) system to kick in. When this overflow starts eliminating; it creates a toxic byproduct which can turn rancid (acetaminophen oxidation) and essentially kill your liver. Raspberry leaf can minimise all major causes of this oxidation.
  • Preventing wrinkles and dry skin: Raspberry leaf has powerful effects on your skin from the inside out. An oil soluble compound in raspberry leaves happens to match a similar compound in your healthy skin. What this means is that raspberry leaf activates the genes in our body liable for skin hydration and elasticity. Including the highly popular skin cosmetic ingredient; hyaluronic acid.


     Dandelion root has many benefits


    The number seven spot on the list introduces us to dandelion root. This ornamental plant has been around for an estimated 30 million years and originally grew in the supercontinent Eurasia.

    One of the most abundant varieties of dandelion that we see here in Australia is appropriately named the 'Common Dandelion' and is often found just about everywhere that isn't indoors as they tend to soak up a lot of water and sunlight.

    Despite being a weed; this plants root is chock full of the same nutrients found in the flower with a few more too. Sometimes these roots go '6 feet under' quite literally which means that they are naturally protected from a lot of invaders resulting in majorly organic produce. So lets get down to the reasons for our inclusion of dandelion root in PowerTea.

    Dandelion Root has shown promising results in:

    • Keeping Bones Strong and Healthy: Being a green, dandelion root is loaded with calcium. Even better news is that green produce's calcium content is as or more bioavailable as milk and dairy products. Calcium plays a crucial role in the tensing of the muscles, the regulation of bodily hormones, and the transmit ion of nerve signals through your body. When you aren't getting enough calcium from foods to support these functions, your body will begin to steal calcium from your bones which explains the strong link between bones and calcium.
    • May help those with Depression: The water extract of dandelion root has been shown to display antidepressant properties. Dandelion root has this ability through its improvement of the part of your brain responsible for preventing depression (neuroendocrine system).
    • Keeping your Liver in Tip Top Shape: Amongst its many natural medicine claims; the ability of dandelion root to keep your liver healthy is one of the most convincing! Paracetamol overdose can permanently damage your liver for example, and dandelion root can prevent this from happening. Furthermore, dandelion root has the ability to successfully remove excess scar tissue in the liver which is caused from environmental pollutants, toxins, alcohol, and trauma. If left untreated, the condition can worsen and become hepatitis.
    • Helping to Flush Out toxic buildup from your Urinary Tract and Kidneys: Over time; everyday pollutants, bodily invaders, and poor hygiene can cause bacteria to form in your kidneys and the tract from which you tinkle. From here, it makes it easier for you to contract nasty diseases such as pyelonephritis (kidney infection) and urethritis (urinary tract infection). One of the safest, easiest ways to stop this is simply to use these body parts more. Dandelion root does exactly this.
    • Keeping your Skin Clear and Healthy: Makeup, pollution, dirt, dust, hormones, and your diet can all affect the condition of your skin. This huge organ faces the full force of each and everyday so it is important to make sure that you are putting in an effort to keep it in optimal condition. When bacteria forms on your skin it can disrupt your body's natural regeneration process resulting in things that shouldn't be there like acne, warts, and other irritations. Dandelion root protects your skin against bacterial and fungal skin problems and is specifically effective for acne.
    • Promoting Weight Loss: Mostly due to the average Australian diet including lots of sodium and sugary, carbonated drinks; your body can fall victim to continuous dehydration. Our bodies, being natural adaptors then hold onto as much water as possible in an attempt to balance out your sodium/fluid levels. When this occurs, your body will store this water in cells between your fat and skin; resulting in reduced muscle definition and increased weight. One of the easiest, all-natural ways to overcome this is to drink more water to rehydrate your body. If you are drinking enough water, your body does not need to hold onto as much water as it becomes an excess so is excreted. Dandelion root has the ability to regulate fluids in your body to ensure that you don't hold onto more water than needed.
    • Helping to Fight Cancer:  Out of all of the powerful herbs in PowerTea; Dandelion Root tops this list as the most potent cancer destroyer. There is an extensive range of research studies on Dandelion root which support the notion that this herb has the ability to interfere with the growth and development of human cancer cells. There are a plethora of studies where Dandelion Root has been administered to cancerous human cells with promising results in helping to prevent Pancreatic CancerChronic Myelomonocytic LeukaemiaMelanomaLeukaemia, and Breast and Prostate Cancers. 
    • Keeping your Gall Bladder Healthy: The positive effects dandelion root has on your liver also translates to a healthy gall bladder too. Your gall bladder is simply a storage unit for the bile produced by your liver. Because of the gall bladder's direct link to the liver; if you have a healthy liver you have a healthy gall bladder too. Dandelion root being an effective detoxifier; keeps the liver in healthy working order ensuring that the bile produced is of a tip-top standard.


    Hibiscus is beautiful and beneficial


    Hibiscus is a populous flower found in India and it is common place for it to be offered up to the gods. This ordinary looking flower has extraordinary health benefits so much so that it is one of the main ingredients in Ayurvedic or Science of Life medicinal practices. Below we'll take a look at why PowerTea includes yet another power flower.

    Hibiscus Flower has shown promising results in:

    • Improving Skin Health: Because oxidation is a cause of skin problems and wrinkles; the powerful antioxidants in Hibiscus can keep your skin glowing and taut. It can also speed up wound healing too!


    Yerba mate has many benefits


    Yerba Mate is an ancient tea hailing from South America. Naturally; it has been consumed for a multitude of centuries by the indigenous South Americans whom knew it as "the drink of the gods". Even the European settlers has a name for it: "the green gold of the Indios".                                                                                                        These civilisations have praised it for its health benefits and abilities as a 'cure all'. Now while we think that may be a little far fetched; we do think that there is quite a bit of truth to its claim.

    Yerba Mate has shown promising results in:

    • Protection From DNA-damaging Free Radicals: Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants which scavenge the body for dangerous free radicals to then be removed. This contributes to the prevention of DNA related diseases like cancer and degenerative brain diseases.
    • Protecting You From E.Coli Bacteria: This notorious virus causes a lot of hospitalisations, sickness, and in rare cases even death in Australia. With superbugs like these beginning to prove immune to antibiotics it is important that you take every means of keeping this troublesome microbe away from you. One potential means is by consuming PowerTea ingredient; Yerba mate on a daily basis to protect against E. coli and other pathogens too
    • Preventing Inflammation in Your body: Anti-Inflammatories are your body's natural healers. If your body was a building that was damaged; inflammation would be the scaffolding used to enable the builders (anti-inflammatories) access to the damaged section. When the builders have fixed the damage; the scaffolding is removed. If there was excess scaffolding in place however (chronic inflammation) it would be a lot more difficult for the builders to reach the damage, resulting in further deterioration or a slower rebuild time. This is why its important that we make sure we keep our anti-inflammatory agents stocked up. Yerba Mate is rich in flavonoids such as quercetinrutin, and kaempferol which all carry anti-inflammatory properties. Flavonoids have been shown to be especially effective at combating inflammation in Your body.
    • Helping to protect you from the effects of UV exposure: As we all know; getting a little sun on our shoulders is always good, but these days people spend way too long outside unprotected from the suns UV rays. Most are simply reluctant to apply sunscreen with the belief that 'it won't happen to them'. Now while we certainly endorse the use of sunscreen at all times outdoors; the very least you can do to up your luck is consume some Yerba Mate tea as it has been shown to help protect the body from UV related DNA damage.
    • Maintaining a Healthy Blood Sugar Level: Hyperglycaemia plays the key part in the development of diabetes and it is characterised by a high sugar count in your blood stream. This causes insulin resistance which then causes diabetes. Yerba Mate inhibits advanced glycation end products which are substances which factor in the progression of degenerative diseases and diabetes.  


    Honeysuckle Tea has many benefits


    Honeysuckle is yet another herb in PowerTea with a medicinal heritage. We use the flowers in our tea because it seems to be the most potent part of the plant. They were used in Chinese medicine to treat everything from skin infections to diarrhoea.

    So lets see what modern medicine tell us about Honeysuckle:

    • Treats Osteoarthritis: Bringing our attention back to the anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties of honeysuckle again; it can improve vascular permeability which means that it allows white blood cells to access sites of inflammation with greater ease.


    Vanilla and Rooibos tea


    We now bring you to the one and only hybrid herbal tea we have decided to include in PowerTea; Vanillibos tea.

    Now in case you are new to tea and haven't been able to figure it out already; Vanillibos is comprised of organic vanilla pod powder and organic rooibos which come together to form a creamy flavour and a host of proven benefits. PowerTea wouldn't be 'PowerTea' without it.

    So let's first take a look at the promising benefits vanilla can boast:

    • Keeps your brain healthy: Vanilla gets its name from the phenolic compound (nice smelling chemicals) known as Vanillin. Now this compound isn't just a pretty sent; it has shown potential in the ability to cure Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders
    • Prevents excess oxidation in your body: Oxidation plays a major role in causing a majority of todays health issues and diseases. 'Free radical' is another, more popular name given to oxidation. Free radicals are simply that; radical cells that scavenge for healthy cells within your body to burn to death or make carcinogenic (cancer causing). This is terrible news and you have to do something about it which is where the heroic 'antioxidants' come out to play. Vanillin has quite powerful anti oxidative effects on the body, so it helps to keep free radicals away.
    • Relieves Depression: Depression is an ever growing mental health issue affecting 1 million Australians each and every year. This mental disorder can progress to the point of disabling people from doing things that they should love. Vanillin shows some promise when it comes to treating and improving depression by increasing feel good hormones: serotonin and dopamine in the brain.
    • Strengthens Your Immune System: Bacterial infections can prove a big problem in todays fast paced moving world. And vanilla can prevent this bacteria from taking flight in your body. Resulting in a strengthened immune system which can fend off these bodily invaders.

    Next up are the astonishing benefits of Rooibos:


    White Tea


    Last but certainly not least is green teas even more powerful sibling; White Tea. This potent tea is native to China and still grows today in its original location; the Fujian province. 

    White tea is harvested from the god of all herbal plants; Camellia Sinensis. It is actually the exact same leaf as that of the more popular Black and Green teas. The difference lies in the amount that white tea is processed compared to the other two. The leaves are picked when they are just forming and are then dried in sunlight and steamed lightly to stop them from oxidising and going off. This minimal processing results in a sweeter, less bitter tea with more concentrated nutrients.

    Lets take a look at what White Tea can do for us:

    • Slows Ageing: These days, the world swarms over the thought of being able to preserve that youthful complexion we all take for granted when we are young.                                                                                                                Lets face it (pardon the pun); no one wants to look like an old wrinkly prune if they can help it. And White Tea may be able to help it. The tea has the ability to deactivate two enzymes which have key roles in the ageing process. Collagenase and Elastase are their names. These enzymes are the central causes of skin ageing. Collagenase eats away at collagen in your body while Elastase reduces your skins ability to return to normal after being stretched. Both of these effects combined result in the thinning, saggy, wrinkled skin and aching joints that we all know as natural ageing. White tea has been shown to practically halt both of these enzymes in their tracks.  

    So thats that guys, every scientifically proven benefit of every ingredient in our first PowerTea blend; PowerTea One. You should give yourselves a pat on the back for reading this far down the page!

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